Berlin GPS Rally - A Team Competition for Explorers and Techies

A GPS City Rally typically involves teams of 6-10 members competing against each other.  During the 2 hours long race teams try to solve a wide range of tasks about main attractions in Berlin. 

Our team members Maria, Stefan and Benny recently visited our business partner Geobound - Germany's premier organizer for GPS rallies. Here is how they experienced their very own "Amazing Race in Berlin".

“Start and finish was at the Moevenpick Hotel across the street from the Anhalter train station. Our cheerful host welcomed us and split the group in 4 teams. He then introduced us to our GPS tablets and explained how to read the race itinerary and how to approach the tasks enroute”.

Thereafter our team took pictures, solved clues in the provided questionnaire and discussed how to find all the locations in the shortest possible time.

“Once on our way, we searched for the locations as we had planned. We searched for the treasures and we scanned the QR codes and for some questions, we needed help from locals who were very supportive!  We knew we always had to stay focused as we could follow the positions of our competitors on our tablets. There were bonus points to be earned when arriving at locations before other groups did. We also had to make sure to be back to the finish line in time to earn extra points”.

After 2 hours all groups had returned. Our hosts evaluated the questionnaires, verified the QR Codes and pictures taken before announcing the winning team.

Our team came in second with 12 kilometers distance traveled and 245 points earned. Enough reason for our team to looking back to a suspenseful afternoon with a lot of fun and learning about Berlin.  


Our GPS Rally is a perfect venue for team building events, incentive groups or interactive tour programs. Your  i‑contravel team designs many more exhilarating group activity programs in Germany. Please contact us with your inquiries.