Договорные условия

Travel Terms and Conditions

Any claim for damages against i‑contravel is limited by all relevant international treaties and laws. Furthermore, all laws that regulate required services of a provider, laws that regulate the conditions and limitations under which claims for damages can be filed, or which define conditions under which claims cannot be filed are applicable.


i‑contravel will only be held liable for damages in the event of its failure to perform reasonable diligence in the pursuit of its business activities.

i‑contravel is liable only in cases of premeditated or gross negligent action on the part of i‑contravel or one of its service providers.

i‑contravel cannot be held responsible for damages in the event that planned inspections, procedures, or the like are not possible or do not take place due to circumstances beyond the control of i‑contravel.

In general, the terms and conditions of service of the transport company utilized are valid [and made part of this agreement].

i‑contravel cannot be held responsible for failing to fulfill its obligations or provide the agreed upon service due to any of the following conditions:

Failure on the part of the purchaser before or during travel, unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party who is not a contractual partner, or an Act of God, war, acts of terrorism, social or labor unrest, diseases, or local laws.


Contracts are subject to the laws of Germany, and in confirming your order you agree that any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the German courts and place of fulfillment is the domicile of i‑contravel GmbH, Berlin.

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