MEET OUR TEAM | Our People and Their Stories

Continuing our series of posts introducing our staff members, in November we bring a interview with our Sales & Marketing Assistant, Maria-Magdalena Dressel. She shares with us a little about her path and inspirations and let some tips on how to seize i‑contravel services to create impressive projects.

How did you choose your career?

I always wanted to have a job where every day comes with new opportunities and challenges. I love interacting with people and listen to their stories. I am a proud Berliner and have lived here all my life. Showing my home town to guests from all over the world and see their excitement is for me the ultimate job satisfaction. 

Did you need any special education for your job at i‑contravel?

While still being at high school, I dreamed of working in a hospitality related job. We have here in Germany this apprentice system with a dual curriculum combining training on the job with Business College. After three years of professional education here at i‑contravel  and earning my degree in event management, I was pleased to get a full time job offered.

What does excite you the most as a professional in destination management?

I love working with international clients. Every customer is different. Listening to their stories and finding together the perfect venue suitable for their cultural background is a new challenge every day. There is never one boring moment. 

In your view, what makes a well-planned program in Germany successful and memorable?

From arrival to departure, every guest needs to have that special feeling to feel at home and comfortable. This is our primary focus. We diligently work together with our partners to create an open-minded ambience with no room for misunderstandings. Communication is everything. 

Why is i‑contravel different from your competitors?

We have a tremendous variety of programs. Our team is truly international and therefore very sensitive to the cultural diversity of our customers. And we always set aside plenty of time for brainstorming to identify new trends and develop new ideas to be well prepared to meet all expectations of current and future customers.