Inspection Tour in Munich

Last week, we – Julie Normand, Benny Morr and Maria-Magdalena Dressel – went on a tour of inspection in Munich.
We spent a total of over two-and-a-half days (62 hours to be precise) walking more than 35 kilometers to take a detailed look at hotels, restaurants and event locations that are either new, unusual or just really outstanding.

We visited more than 11 locations, lay on the beds of more than 10 hotels, saw the inside of 25 restaurants, and sampled the food of at least 7 different caterers. We also came into contact with many great providers of incentives, activities and programmes - and thanks to the Meet Munich Tour, this even extended beyond the borders of Bavaria!

You're probably wondering if we managed to stay focused with so much on offer. Of course we did, and we even have a personal favourite: leonardi in arabeska. At lunchtime, it's a cafeteria, and in the evening, it's a 360° event location which leaves nothing to be desired: 6 open-plan cooking stations arranged in a circle, 2 large terraces and various themed areas that can be used either together or separately.


How about having an event with several different themes? Almost anything is possible here, for groups of 35 to 350 guests.

If you would like to know more about our trip to Munich or have any specific requests, please don't hesitate to contact us!