25th anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Wall

Special events across Berlin to celebrate this important moment in history

Later this year on November 09th, 2014, Berlin will make worldwide news celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. Berlin will stage for Berliners and visitors from all over the world numerous special events commemorating "25 years of German Reunification" and "Freedom for all Germans" after the end of the Iron Curtain.

Thousand of visitors are expected and will certainly gain insight over the history and the relevance of the wall for Berliner´s. The peak of the celebrations will be the special light installation along the course the wall used to be sited representing a “symbol of hope for a world without walls.” Right in the heart of Berlin, the light installation will spread for 15 km inviting thoughts about the former division and it´s impact on people lives.

A number of special events referring to the 25th anniversary are already happening across Berlin. Among them, promoting the main cause, are guided tours, exhibits, movies, and more.

Below you can see a pre-visualization movie animation by Lichtgrenze.


You can find the full schedule of events at the Visit Berlin website.

Our Special “Berlin Wall” Tour Program

If you are interested in coming to Berlin with large groups to relive this moment in history, we have created a special Berlin Wall Tour Program for you. This program highlights are: 

  • Original locations and exhibitions about the Cold War in Berlin, East-West conflicts, communist oppression and the final impact of President Reagan's famous speech „Mr. Gorbachev- Tear Down This Wall";
  • Escape to Freedom - underground tunnel and bunker tours;
  • Struggles in daily live under communism in East Germany;
  • Berlin Wall East Side Gallery - Expressions of hope and freedom;
  • "Trabi" automobile group tours - driving the original East-German Trabant automobile is the ultimate socialist driving experience.


If interested, you can easily ask for an offer here.