Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary

Last Sunday I paid a visit to the new Urban Street Art Museum in Berlin.

A fascinating place and a stunning new museum.

“The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART has opened its doors on September 16th at the district of Berlin Schöneberg and is supported  by  “Berliner Leben“, a foundation of Gewobag.

Since 2013, URBAN NATION has been transforming Berlin's facades into a giant outdoor gallery and connecting people with their city using outdoor art and integrative neighborhood projects

URBAN NATION connects Berlin’s people, artists and people interested in art. URBAN NATION approaches people, embraces neighbors, activates communities and brings together cultures in urban districts. URBAN NATION opens doors between established and emerging artists, awakes interest, promotes talent and documents cultural heritage as a chronicler.”

Germany’s biggest wind tunnel has opened in Berlin: Hurricane Factory!

And the i‑contravel Team could experience how it feels to fly and float in 3 dimensional space!

At 5.2 meters in diameter and 15m in height, this  tunnel gives you plenty of space to play.. 

Feel hungry ? A Bistro  is located right next to the glass flight chamber. The bar and seating area can seat around 50 persons, the stands can hold another 50 persons. 
Additionally, a function room, where separate events can take place for up to 120 persons.

"Gode Wind" cog drops anchor in Berlin!

After three years, it’s finally here: Since August, the restaurant and event ship "Gode Wind" has been open to the public at the Rummelsburger Bucht location in Lichtenberg – and guests are heartily invited to take a seat.

The pirate ship, which weighs almost 50 tons and is 26 meters long, had previously reached Berlin in 2014 where it was lavishly restored with a surfeit of energy and love for detail.

This restaurant & event ship offers seating area for 40 persons in the roofed indoor space and on two terraces on the deck, and diners can look forward to the creations of our “ship’s kitchen” under the command of head chef Jürgen Bemmerl, formerly executive chef at Hotel Adlon Berlin. On board the cog, fans of seafood as well as meat lovers and vegetarians will find their tastes well catered to.