Munich & Bavaria

Blending traditions with a new feel

Known all over the world as home of the world's largest Oktoberfest beer festival, quaint and grandfatherly Munich was often viewed as cool as polka music on cassette. Today, the capital of the former Kingdom of Bavaria masters merging longstanding traditions with a new feel for contemporary art, design and architecture. With Munich's successful marriage of a high-tech economy and magnificent aesthetics, the city is widely admired as one of the world's best places to live.

Our group programs are all about pampering the relaxed and indulging Bavarian lifestyle. Always a winner full of fun are our log-rafting tour parties with a local music band in their traditional costumes on board serving Bavarian delicacies and beer on tab. "Geo-Coaching" is a highly interactive team building event discovering the city supported by GPS devices and the winners finding a treasure hidden somewhere in Munich.

Want to lead your team to the highest level! Bavaria is the place! Climb the Zugspitze and celebrate your achievements while taking in the amazing panorama view on Germany’s highest mountain.  Germany's highest peak in the Alps is only 75 minutes outside of Munich and the perfect event location to celebrate top achievers. After riding up to the Zugspitze summit with a cogwheel train and climbing more than 7000 feet through spectacular mountain scenery, a lively Bavarian dinner party with cheerful local musicians and entertainers will deepen your team spirit and comradery.

Laptops and Lederhosen - only in Bavaria!

Incentive Munich and Garmisch Partenkirchen area - Zugspitze - Germany's Highest Mountain - Climbing Experience
Incentive Munich - Oktoberfest - The biggest fair in the world - Famous Breweries
Incentive Munich - floating to Munich in a raf - ©Bayern Flossfahrten/ Sigrid Birner