Dresden & Saxony

Magnificent Showcases and Baroque Splendour

Rebuilt and risen from the ashes after vast destruction at the end of World War II, Dresden is once again one of the most impressive Baroque cities in Europe and a symbol of Reconciliation and Renewal.

Discovering the Old World with new technology is our "Paper Chase" interactive team building event. Several groups equipped with iPAds explore the Kingdom of Saxony while competing for the best team videos, song contests and solve mysteries. And the decadent Pillnitz Palace - a gift by King August the Strong to his favorite mistress as a "place for pleasure" - is an intriguing place for designing group events with baroque game themes and hearty dinner parties.

Our contemporary highlight is a  guided tour of Volkswagen's Transparent Factory - designed almost completely of glass - with fascinating and fully transparent impressions of luxury car manufacturing. The ultimate team event thrill in nearby Dresden is a visit to the Porsche race car track and be a "co-pilot" next to a professional driver or get directly behind the wheel.

Baroque to the Future - Dresden Live

Incentive Dresden - Bike tour passing by famous Semper Opera house Dresden located near Elbe river
Incentive Dresden - GPS Rally in popular cities like Dresden and Leipzig
Incentive Dresden - Gläserne Manufaktur (Transparent factory) - the assembly of premium and luxury models as well as electric vehicles