MEET OUR TEAM | Our People and Their Stories

Continuing our series of posts introducing our staff members, in February we bring a interview with our Product Manager for Italy, Portugal and Brazil, Manuele Minotto. He shares with us a little about his path and inspirations and let some tips on how to seize i‑contravel services to create impressive projects.

How did you choose your career?

I was very fortunate to grow up in Berlin where my father - originally from Italy - met my mother who lived before in Spain and Portugal. My parents raised us kids multi-lingual and at school I majored in English and French. During my studies at university, I started to get interested in working in culturally diverse environments where I could use my 6 languages. I ended up becoming a professional in Tourism and hospitality - the best decision I could have ever made.

What aspects of a destination are most important to you for a rewarding travel experience?

I look at traveling as being curious to discover new cultures, meeting locals with an open mind and being rewarded with their hospitality. This is how you get insider tips you can hardly find in any tour book.  A good day of traveling ends with a smile when turning off the light.

What does excite you the most as a professional in destination management?

Routine and repetition is not part of my job description. Every day is different and no project is alike. Sometimes I think, when starting to work with a new customer , " nothing new - we have had this before", but in the end there is always a new twist.

In your view, what makes a well-planned program in Germany successful and memorable?

I never lose sight on our foreign customers being our guests and that may not be familiar with all of our local routines or traditions. I always try to make them feel right at home and enjoy our hospitality.

If you had to pick your three favorite destinations in Germany...

Berlin for its cosmopolitan ambience, Weimar as its large cultural heritage and Heidelberg for its medieval architecture and romantic Old Town district.

Why is i‑contravel different from your competitors?

We are a dynamic team of dedicated professionals with very diverse backgrounds. Our team meetings are always lively with a lot of creative and innovative ideas. In the end, we all agree and support each other 100%.