James Simon Galerie

By naming its new central entrance building after James Simon (1851–1932), the great philanthropist, patron of the arts and Jewish cosmopolitan James Simon, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin pays tribute to the most important patron in its history. The James-Simon-Galerie opened its doors last Saturday, 13th July, 2019. Covering 10,900 m², the central entrance building and reception area, based on plans by David Chipperfeld Architects, will provide visitors with useful information and services, and improve the overall experience of the Museum Island Berlin.

Along with a space for special exhibitions and a lecture auditorium, a large area for ticket sales and cloakrooms, as well as a shop, a café and a restaurant, the James-Simon-Galerie will provide direct access to the Pergamon Museum and to the Neues Museum via the Archaeological Promenade.

Photo credits: © Ute Zscharnt für / for David Chipperfield Architects