FUTURIUM in Berlin, opened 5th September 2019

WELCOME to Futurium a House of Futures. Located in the very heart of Berlin, Futurium and the institution’s first-floor exhibition on the future are now on display for the first time.

Here, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live? Visitors are invited to discover what the future may look like and are encouraged to try out their own ideas. Androids, green high-rise buildings, social commerce: there are endless ways to think about the future. The exhibition showcases five topics from the visitors’ lives: food, health, energy, work and urban living.

Three major thinking spaces – humans, nature and technology – present different ways we can influence the future and potential futures from different areas of life – from self-sufficient cities, to the future of work and ideas for more sustainable consumption. The topics here revolve around the greatest challenges of our present. For instance, when thinking about the future of the energy supply, we must also consider climate change and consumption. Digitalization and new forms of cooperation also play a major role in the future of work.

Interested? We are here to arrange your personal tour of the future with expert guides! Please contact us for more details!

Photo credits: Futurium Eroeffnung Jan Windszuz | Drehmoment A.Schmidt