Berlin’s Festival of Light 2020 lights-up our lives in times of Corona!

Berlin’s Festival of Light lights-up the long autumn evenings once again!  

Light shows us the way to the future!  Berlin is home to a wide variety of people and together they shape the city. This requires tolerance and freedom, for which Berlin is internationally known and appreciated. 

The motto of this year’s Light Festival ‘UNITED’ underlines these aspects of Berlin’s culture in a unique style. The nation’s capital will transform into a spectacle of light and festivities, lighting up not only the city’s world-famous landmarks and monuments, but also highlighting lesser known neighborhood’s and hidden gems, while presenting the multitude of cultures and art of the city.

So make your way to Berlin and experience first-hand one of the most popular light festivals of the world. Be mesmerized and awed, let the magic envelope you and let the light guide you towards a brighter, carefree future!