BER - airport opened its doors on 31st of October 2020

With a delay of nine years - and amid the world COVID 19 crisis - the new capital airport BER of was opened last week. Located in the southeast of Berlin-Brandenburg, BER Airport (international abbreviation) was named after former German Chancellor Willy Brandt.

Lufthansa and Easyjet flights landed successfully on the BER landing strips for the first time and brought the first passengers to the new terminal in Schoenefeld.

It is a good day for Berlin, Brandenburg and the entire region, as the BER offers a modern infrastructure of international standard and is thus well equipped for new connections to all continents once the COVID-19 crisis is overcome.

Berlin's new Steigenberger Airport Hotel, located directly at the terminal of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, has also opened now and welcomes guests in a modern, warm and inviting ambience.

We are looking forward to the new BER!
And say thank you and goodbye Berlin-Tegel!