i‑contravel hosted a Fam-Trip from Moscow

Short name for "Familiarisation Trip", Famtrips purpose is to provide agents in the Tourism industry an insight view at a destination.

Tourism in Germany  is continually evolving, and our Fam-Trips helps agents to discover the country special charm, tradition and culture, as well as to keep them updated on new developments and enhancements of hotels, event locations and activities.

Product Manager Elena Kravetskaya from i‑contravel recently hosted a group of agents from Moscow. The group was given the opportunity to visit the German Parliament, they enjoyed special Graffiti tours and explored the city of Dresden in a one-day excursion.

Here are some feedbacks from the group members:

 "... one of the best promotional tours in my tourist practice" 

"...один из лучших рекламных туров в моей туристской практике"  

"... excellent organization, I am still under the impression and in a good mood!" 

 " ...прекрасная организация, до сих пор нахожусь под впечатлением и прекрасном настроении!" 

"... with you we have opened the soul of this wonderful city" 

"...с вами мы открыли душу этого чудесного города" 

"You were able to show us that Berlin, which we did not know. And believe me, now we really have something to surprise our customers with”

"Вам удалось показать нам тот Берлин, которого мы еще не знали, и поверьте, теперь нам точно есть чем удивлять наших клиентов"

We regularly host Famtrips for several destinations in Germany. If your agency is interested in exploring and getting to know Germany better, do not hesitate in contacting us through info@i‑ and we can start arrangements for your next Famtrip.