Berlin, the city of 30 million overnights

Last February the State Statistical Office released a comprehensive report with interesting data about 2015 Tourism in Berlin and Germany in general. On the matter of overnights, the last five years presented a huge increase from 20 to 30 million per year.

At the press conference promoted by VisitBerlin, the city Mayor Michael Müller said "Tourism is and shall remain a success story. The cosmopolitan and tolerant capital of Germany is becoming more popular internationally, as a destination to visit, as a place to live, or as a filming location of international productions. Tourism is therefore an important economic factor for our city and an important element for promoting our culture. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this sensational development".

Visit Berlin Tourism Office made a insightful infographic presenting the main statistics from last year:


A key point worthy consideration and that indicates a trend is that while 55% of overnights are from German tourists, 45% come from International guests. From those from abroad, 70% travel from Europe itself and 30% from outside countries like US (the most important non european Market), followed by Brazil and Canada.

Convention Business in also in full swing. Overnights of business and conference guests increased 7% in 2015. Yet, considering the big picture of the last 10 years stats, the increase reaches the gigantic number of 86%!

We at i‑contravel are proud of feeling to be supportive for the country and the capital success.

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