Pure Meetings and Events Workshop 2019

On September 30, 2019, i‑contravel participated in the Pure Meetings and Events Workshop held at the Port Dauphin Congress Center in Paris. Lara Zilberkweit, Product Manager France & Benelux and Gilles Fougeron, our Representative in France, met with influential decision makers and major international suppliers during this high-end...

FUTURIUM in Berlin, opened 5th September 2019

WELCOME to Futurium a House of Futures. Located in the very heart of Berlin, Futurium and the institution’s first-floor exhibition on the future are now on display for the first time.

Here, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live? Visitors are invited to discover what the future may look like and are encouraged to...

Octoberfest 2019 in Berlin

We all know Munich is home to the infamous Octoberfest!

Did you know, that you can enjoy a spectacular, traditional Octoberfest in the heart of Germany’s capital city Berlin?